Meet Dr. Carter

"I was blessed with inexhaustible curiosity.”

Meet Dr. Carter

Health and healing have been a lifetime interest. Education is a never ending pursuit to understand the complexities of health and healing.

Are you ready to reach for your optimum wellness? Are you ready to take charge by learning and acting in a new way that embraces your individual needs? 

The quantum tools and testing utilized are state-of-the-art. Dr. Carter’s expertise is built on 28 years of study and clinical practice. We believe that there is innate wisdom and a DNA blueprint to achieve optimum health. That blueprint knows how to build, repair, and maintain the body. Symptoms result when there is a disruption. 

Dr. Carter will address your body via feedback techniques. Your initial exam will be to find the priority of your individual needs, including: 

Your treatment program may include Chiropractic, Acupuncture, diet, whole food supplements, herbals, homeopathy, flower essence therapy, micro-current and other frequency tools. System detoxification is highlighted.

A doctor should be a teacher. We want to help you learn what works best in your lifestyle.

Dr. Carter's Mission

The purpose of my practice is to provide superior chiropractic, nutritional and educational services to enhance my community's ability to live with a higher quality of well-being.